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Available Insurance Policy Discounts

Next to comparing auto insurance quotes with an online insurance calculator, you will also want to see what kind of discounts you are eligible for. Many of these aren’t listed on the insurer’s website, nor does the calculator show them to you, so you will have to call in and ask for specific details. In no particular order, here are the most common insurance discounts you may be eligible for.

No-claims discount

The NCD is the most consistent discount you can get, so you will want to do everything to protect it. After four or five years of not filing any claims, the insurer may lower your rates to as little as 50% of the original value. Do your best to pay out of your pocket for minor repairs, like scratches and chipped windshields, because you will be saving lots of money over the long run.

Safe car bonus

All cars come with frontal airbags these days. However, they won’t do much good if you get smashed from the side, and sadly this is how a lot of accidents happen these days. If your car is equipped with multiple airbags, an ABS braking system and motorized seatbelts, however, you will be eligible for a discount in the range of 10%.

Anti-theft devices discount

Modern cars in the upper price range come with alarm systems and GPS trackers. You can install such devices on older vehicles too though, which will lower the chances of the car being stolen. You don’t have to go with fancy gear though, a measly $25.00 wheel locking device from Amazon will save you a few percents from your insurance bill.

Comprehensive storage discount

If you don’t drive your car and will store it in a garage, the comprehensive storage policy is a much cheaper alternative to a full-fledged comprehensive one. It will act just like any comprehensive policy, protecting your car from damage and theft, but will be much more affordable.

Low-mileage discount

If you drive your car for less than 5,000 miles per year (7,500 with some companies), you can receive a much better quote. The reasons are obvious – since you will be driving less than 500 miles a month, the chances of being involved in an accident are significantly lower than if you were to drive 100 miles a day, five days a week. As an alternative to this discount, you can look into a Pay-as-you-drive policy that allows you to pay a flat rate per mile driven.

Good student discount

If you are in high school or college, you can get a rebate of around 10% of the policy value if you maintain a GPA of above 3.0. College and university students have the extra requirement of taking at least 12 credits per semester. Not all insurers offer this kind of a deal, so you will want to ask for eligibility.